Donald William Peel Paintings

Donald William Peel Paintings

7 Phases of Online Auctions with Lots Ending

Tuesday, March 3 @ 6PM through Tuesday, March 24 @ 6PM

131 Dorset Lane, Williston, VT

Began: 02/24/20 at 11:00 AM EST
Ended: 03/19/20 at 6:00 PM EST
Began: 02/29/20 at 1:00 PM EST
Ended: 02/29/20 at 3:00 PM EST
Location: google pin icon 131 Dorset Lane, Williston, VT 05495

Began: 03/26/20 at 10:00 AM EDT
Ended: 03/26/20 at 2:00 PM EDT
Location: google pin icon 131 Dorset Lane, Williston, VT 05495

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Phase 7 Online Bidding (Lots Close March 24)

The following Surrealist Art sale features works by the celebrated Washington artist Donald William Peel (1921 – 2010).

Donald was born in 1921 in Seattle, WA. Upon graduation from high school he entered the Cornish School of Art in Seattle. His studies were interrupted by WWII, after which he returned to the Cornish School, followed by the Derbyshire School of Fine Art in Seattle. Later Peel attended the Fazzini School of Art in Rome, Italy.

Described in a Seattle Times review as an “uncompromising sharp-focus realist,” Donald received the popular vote award in the first major exhibit he entered, the Seattle Art Museum Annual Exhibition of Northwest Artists in 1952 and again in 1953. He continued to win awards and receive invitations to numerous exhibits, including the Frye Art Museum West Coast Invitational, the Henry Gallery Artists of Washington Invitational and the West Coast Annual Oil painting Exhibit.

In 1999, Peel began a “Dream Series” in acrylic on wood panel. The series includes 88 large panels; an amazing accomplishment for an artist in his 70s and 80s who in 2002 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Donald completed the Dream Series in 2004 when he moved to Vermont to be closer to his family.

Donald’s first piece to be offered at auction at Bonhams, San Francisco, sold for $1,500.

The Thomas Hirchak Company is honored to have been retained to auction the remaining paintings in the Dream Series.

The works being offered at auction contain examples of Donald Peel’s expressive use of bold colors, sharp lines and figurines. It is certain that these works will only add to the growing reputation of one of the United States most uncompromising Realist Artists.

Donald William Peel passed away on May 26,2010, leaving his Dream Series as a wonderful epitaph to a life spent creating evocative and highly creative pieces of Art.

Seven online auctions will begin February 14 and end between March 3 and 24. Preview is Saturday, February 29 from 1-3PM and by appointment. 

Titles include:

  • A Big Scene in a Small Room
  • Aunt Mary
  • Back to School
  • Fives and Sixes
  • Narrow Access to an Empty Room
  • Figure Leaving a Blue Wall
  • Narcissus Rock
  • Baby Beef
  • Rock Heart
  • Nine Seldom Works
  • Blue Mountain
  • Boys in the Balcony
  • Unfinished
  • The All American Girl (Red, White, &Blue)
  • Do I Know This Person
  • Missing the Night Train
  • A Machine Entering a Yellow Staircase
  • Plastic (Silver) City
  • Flapper
  • Family of Three
  • No Message Behind the Veil
  • Glass Tumbler
  • Cow Girl
  • Two Knights
  • Paper Dolls
  • Measuring Butter Cubes
  • Mr. Green Coat
  • Candy Man
  • Rope Man’s Journey
  • Passage Through Marble Slabs
  • Off Centered Wall
  • Precarious Terrain
  • Paper Man’s Escape
  • Walled Passage
  • Feathered Figure
  • A Dreamer Dreaming
  • Legs Under a Table
  • Orange Leaving Green and Blue
  • Ominous (Forbidden) Doorway
  • Entertainers Entertaining
  • A Sebastian Complex
  • Message from a Metal Wall
  • Faraway City
  • Measuring Metal Corners
  • Furrows with Parsnips
  • The Greek Visitor/Visitation
  • Red Head
  • Blue Cavern
  • Wrong Person in the Wrong Room
  • Roman Road
  • Glass Lunch Box
  • Inside a Cement Gallery
  • Related Unrelated
  • Candy Cane Mountain
  • Not Dressed Up No Place to Go
  • Entertainer Entertaining
  • Variegated Box
  • A Tired Tire
  • Escape from Flat
  • Hi Ho Silver
  • A Short Journey to a Vacant Wall
  • Black Apple
  • Paradox
  • False Blue
  • The OJ Scam (The Blue Chair)
  • No Message from an Empty Drawer
  • Rearranging a Message
  • Where’s Father
  • The Sky is Falling (Chicken Little)
  • Talking Heads
  • Day Walk Night Walk
  • Two Queens (2 panels)
  • Orchard Loop
  • Columns of X’s
  • Overflow on a Line
  • Dark Valley
  • Three Legged Chair
  • Burnt Toast
  • Paper Bag Dream

Load out subject to change or “by appointment” status. 

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Donald William Peel Paintings Donald William Peel Paintings Donald William Peel Paintings

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