Automotive Diagnostic & Hyundai Specialty Service Equipment

Automotive Diagnostic & Hyundai Specialty Service Equipment 

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Wed., September 9 @ 6PM

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Began: 08/26/20 at 4:00 PM EDT
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A nice selection of Automotive Diagnostic & Service Tools & Equipment for Hyundai and other makes/models.

Partial list, subject to change:

Hyundai Auto Transaxle Tester II

Auto Tensioner Compressor

Kent-Moore SRS Airbag Wiring Harness Checker

Hyundai EIS Rapid Battery RC & CCA Tester

Chargepoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle Charger

Hyundai VCI Main Module Tester

Hyundai A/T Tester Plus

Hyundai Wiring Repair Kit

Hyundai Fuel Pressure Test Kit

Hyundai Midtronics Power Sensor Micro 570 Battery/Starting/Charging System Analyzer

Clutch Actuator Remover/Installer

Kent-Moore Evap Tester Kit

Hyundai Multimedia Interface Tester

Hyundai Wire Harness Repair Kit

Hyundai BCW Unit Correction Tool Set

Kent-Moore Hyundai Code Saver

Hyundai TPMS Exciter

Hyundai MCS

Bosch LD 020 Digital Leak Indicator

Kent-Moore SRS II Storage Case Kit

Hyundai WRKII (Phase 2) Removable Tools

Hyundai Squeak & Rattle Repair Kit

Hyundai GR8-1270 Multitasking Battery & Electrical Diagnostic Station

Robinair Hyundai R-1234YF

Hyundai Wire Harness Repair Kit

Hyundai GDSTPMS B/T Adapter

(19) Taeyoung Insulated Tools

Kent-Moore Hyundai Airbag Deployment Tool

Kent-Moore Terminal Test Kit

Hyundai GDSVCI Main Module

Hyundai Vertical & Horizontal Laser

Hyundai Crankshaft Pulley Fixed Tool Washer

Hyundai SCC Calibration Reflector

Hyundai Brake Air Bleeder Adapter

Asst. Flywheel Pullers

Reduction Socket Wrench Holder

(3) Disc & Hub Assembly Bolt Removers

(2) Combustion Seal Installation Tools

Auto Tensioner Compressor

Hyundai Clutch Disc Guide

(9) Hyundai Specialized Socket Wrenches

(7) Oil Pump/Oil Seal Installers

(9) Asst. Housing Front/Oil Seal Installers

(9) Hyundai Crankshaft Tools

Hyundai Remote Control Battery Tester

Oil Seal Puller

Lock Ring Wrench

Fuel Pump Locking Wrench

(2) Hyundai Service Wrenches

Trim Removal & Headliner Tools

(2) Hyundai Ball Joint Dust Cover Installers

(7) Hyundai Valve Stem Oil Seal Installers

Torque Angle Adapter

(3) Side Oil Seal Installers

(3) Crankshaft Oil Seal Installers

(4) Cam Locking Tools & Flywheel Stopper

(3) Spring Compression Tools

Spotgun Injection System Kit

Fowler Electronic Micrometer

Clutch Actuator Adjustment Jig

Crankshaft Pulley Locker, CV Joint Remover & Special Spanner

Asst. Electrical Cables & Testers

(2) Hyundai Rear Crankshaft Seal Installer & (2) Oil Pump Seal Installer

Bearing & Gear Puller

Taper Roller Bearing Puller

Asst. Bearing Puller Presses & Parts

(2) Brake Air Bleeding Tools

(20+/-) Bushing Remover & Installing Tools

Asst. Hyundai Parts

(2) Hyundai Wrenches

(2) Engine Support Figures

Hyundai Expander Piston

(3) Scan Tools & (3) Samsung Tablets

Amp Probe Ultrasonic Leak Detector

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Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

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