Commercial Auction Team Leader

Thomas Hirchak Company is licensed to conduct auctions in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont and also conducts auctions in states that do not require an auctioneer’s license, including Connecticut and New York.

Thomas Hirchak Company conducts auctions and orderly liquidations of real estate, earth moving and construction equipment, automobiles and trucks, food service, restaurant and process equipment, industrial machinery, retail inventory, firearms and sporting related items, and other personal property & business assets.

The Commercial Auction Team Leader is charged with taking the auction over once it has been contracted and seeing it through from set up, catalog, auction day, close out, asset removal & shipping and ensuring the settlement is generated and delivered to the client on time.

This position reports to the commercial division manager.

This position requires work in and out of the office and occasionally out of doors.

This position requires work in manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, around moving /operating equipment and confined spaces.

This position requires occasional regional travel.

This position is 40 hours per week and is based in the Morrisville office.

Candidate must:

  • Have high attention to detail
  • Be accurate and highly organized
  • Be a self-starter and a finisher
  • Be able to work independently and with a team
  • Be able to closely follow instructions and be accountable
  • Have Technical / Computer & Project Management Skills
    • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook
    • Editing, resizing, numbering photographs
    • Become fluent in Auctionflex (auction specific software) & Proxibid (online auction platform)
    • Creating efficiencies through expanded understanding and use of Auctionflex  

Tasks include:

  • Overseeing Auction Set up, including:
    • Sorting
    • Indexing, bundling &/or boxing
    • Determining the flow of the sale
    • Tagging
    • Writing catalog
    • Proofing & editing catalog
    • Drafting, proofing & editing ads
    • Photographing assets
    • Editing, resizing, numbering photographs
    • Setting up tables, chairs
    • Setting up PA systems & auction equipment
    • Setting up auction signs
    • Setting up computer systems
    • Set up parking areas and signs
  • Tracking expenses (labor, materials, vendors), project status and equipment & submitting report to commercial office manager daily
  • Managing team staff
    • Work with division manager to develop staff schedules / project timelines
    •  Keep overtime to a minimum (overtime must be approved by division manager)
  • Proxibid – online auction platform (Become fluent in Proxibid)            
  • Preparing auction day supplies using checklist
  • Managing auction set up equipment & supply inventory
  • Fielding telephone inquiries
    •  Answering questions regarding projects
    •  Maintaining call log
  • Proofing & uploading auction catalogs. Look for and note:
    •  Inaccurate or nonsensible descriptions
    • Missing or poor photographs
    • Title status (available, BOS only, VT Reg., etc.)
    •  Difficult removal
  • Scheduling auction activities and vendors (Refer to Matrix)
  • Interface between commercial and marketing
    • Regular meeting with marketing to review deadlines and marketing materials
    • Bring materials requiring further review or input to commercial division manager
    • Assistance with direct outreach to customers / prospecting (Telephone, email)
  • Updating project status and reporting to management team
    • Daily review of each auction checklist /matrix within the project folder / Google drive   
    • Goal:  all tasks are completed on time and on budget
    •  Updating budget reports for each job daily and provide to commercial office manager
  • Participating in commercial auctions
    • Ringman
    • Clerk / cashier
    • Preview staff
    • Load out supervision
  • Title Clerk
    • Create and populate a folder for each vehicle prior to auction
    • Include all documents necessary to transfer title (BOS, Title, POA, etc.)
    • Duplicates of all documents
  • Creating settlement drafts with commercial office manager (Using check list to ensure no omissions)


  • Keep your work space neat and company vehicles & equipment clean
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Make sure your work is complete and accurate before bringing to supervisor
  • Ask questions if unclear of what you are doing
  • Return tools and equipment at the end of the day or project
  • Report equipment failures, recommend repairs, facilitate
  • Confidentiality – the client’s business stays within THCo offices
  • Ability to lift 50#
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Pass back ground check
  • Strict non-compete agreement
  • Other tasks deemed necessary by THCo.

Compensation commensurate with experience. Benefits package available. EMAIL RESUMES TO:

Thomas Hirchak Company is an at will employer. 

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