Sell Your Car With Us

Looking to Sell your Vehicle?

At the Thomas Hirchak Company, we concentrate our efforts to obtain the highest price for you, our client. 

Auctions provide fast turnover, an end to carrying costs, and the highest net profit. When it comes to converting property, real or personal into CASH, our auctions guarantee the speed, the excitement and the prices that you want! 

What to Expect

1: Vehicle Drop Off

Bring your vehicle to our facility in Williston, VT.
• Include the Title (if applicable).

2: Set Your Reserve

Set the lowest dollar amount you are willing to accept & sign a 1-page form allowing us to sell your vehicle on your behalf. We will do our best to get as much as we can above that amount.

Set the light code you wish to list the vehicle under:

Red – AS IS

Green – You are allowing the buyer the following:
• 1 hour test drive to ensure the engine and transmission are in good working order.
• 72 hours to have the frame looked at by a shop for rust that would prevent the vehicle from passing a VT inspection.
• Clock starts once the buyer pays in full following the auction.
• If any of these items fail, the car can be returned by the buyer and will receive a full refund. You can come pick up the car or run it again under RED light.

Yellow – This is determined by our staff based on the title of your vehicle.
• If the title is branded (rebuilt, salvage, etc.) it will have a yellow light in addition to Green or Red.
• If a title is required, however, and you do not bring it prior to auction, your vehicle will have a yellow light attached along with either the Red or Green light.
• Yellow is determined by our staff and will be in addition to Red or Green based on your choice.

3: Auction Day

Your vehicle will be run through the auction block.
• The highest bidder (if the highest bid is greater than your reserve) will win the vehicle.
• We handle all the money and paperwork from the buyer.
• You can watch the auction online or in person if you wish.

4: Pay Day

The Wednesday following the auction is PAY DAY!
• You can come to our location in Williston to collect your check or have it mailed to you.
• The check you receive will be the final sale price minus fees.

Want to sell?

Give us a call or send us an email… 802-878-9200 or autoinfo@thcauction.com