General Auction Questions

What is an absolute auction?

In an absolute auction, the highest bid wins the auction, regardless of price.

What is a proxy bid, and how does it work?

If you want to bid at an auction but can’t attend, the Hirchak Company will bid on your behalf if you make a proxy bid. A proxy bid is also known as a “left bid.” You decide on what item or items you want and how much you would be willing to pay for each item. 

Fill out the proxy bid form (stating the item, description and highest bid you are willing to make, along with name, address, phone, credit card, etc. as indicated) and mail or fax it to us so that we receive it by noon on the day before the auction. 

The clerk from the Hirchak Company will bid on your behalf at the auction. We will bid only up to the amount you’ve indicated on your proxy bid form. 

Bidding at Hirchak Auctions happens in increments stated by the auctioneer (starting fairly low and working its way up) so you may win an item for less than the full price you stated on your proxy bid form!

What is a Buyers Premium?

A Buyers Premium is added to the selling price of each item; it is an agreed upon percentage to pay for the costs of the auction. 

It is different with each auction; however, in most antiques and collectibles auctions the Buyers Premium is 10% over the selling price.

What is an approved check?

An approved check is an in-state company or personal check with name and address printed on the check. 

Additionally, the person creating the check must have a photo ID and, if it is a company check, proof of authority to sign the check.

Can I send someone else to pick up my purchased item?

If you are unable to personally remove your purchased item from the auction, you may fill out an AGENT RELEASE FORM, to designate an agent to pick up your item(s) for you. 

Your agent must have a copy of your paid invoice, along with the Agent Release Form.

What if I cannot pick up my item(s) by the scheduled load out?

Buyers who do not show up for scheduled load outs and do not communicate with THCo will have all winning lots considered, “ABANDONED WITHOUT REFUND.” 

Buyers must make any transport requests 24 hours prior to load out with Chris@THCAuction only. Buyers may not make transport arrangements with any other THCo staff. 

Transport fees are at minimum $50 regardless of invoice total. THCo reserves the right to refuse transport of any items. 

Items may only be transported back to THCo Morrisville and must be retrieved by buyer within 48 hours or 2 business days. Items not retrieved within 48 hours are considered, “ABANDONED WITHOUT REFUND.” No exceptions.

Vehicle Auction Questions

What does TMU stand for in your Vehicle Auction Page?

TMU = Total Mileage Unknown

What are the Payment Terms for Vehicle Auctions?

A 25% deposit (minimum $200) is due at the time of purchase. Personal check, cash, certified funds and credit card (with 3% added on acceptance.) Each Vehicle Sale will be Assessed A Buyers Premium which will be added to your high bid price & become part of the Purchase Price. Here are the premiums (As of January 1, 2020):


$0-$149 = $50; $150-$249 = $75; $250-$499 = $75; $500-$749 = $100; $750-$999 = $100; $1,000-$1,249 = $125; $1,250-$1,449 = $125; $1,500-$1,749 = $150; $1,750-$1,999 = $150; $2,000-$2,499 = $160; $2,500-$2,749 = $190; $2,750-$2,999 = $203; $3,000-$3,249 = $217; $3,250-$3,499 = $245; $3,500-$3,749 = $260; $3,750-$3,999 = $280; $4,000-$4,249 = $300; $4,250-$4,499 = $310; $4,500-$4,749 = $330; $4,750-$4,999 = $350; $5,000-$5,249 = $360; $5250-$5499 = $390; $5,500-$5,749 = $400; $5,750-$5,999 = $420; $6,000-$6,249 = $440; $6,250-$6,499 = $450; $6,500-$6,749 = $470; $6,750-$6,999 = $490; $7,000-$7,249 = $510; $7,250-$7,499 = $520; $7,500-$7,749 = $540; $7,750-$7,999 = $560; $8,000-$8,249 = $580; $8,250-$8,499 = $590; $8,500-$8,749 = $610; $8,750-$8,999 = $630; $9,000-$9,249 = $650; $9,250-$9,499 = $660; $9,500-$9,749 = $680; $9,750-$9,999 = $700; $10,000-$12,499 = $875; $12,500-$14,999 = $1,050; $15,000-$17,499 = $1,225; $17,500-$19,999 = $1,400; $20,000-$22,499 = $1,575; $22,500-$24,999 = $1,750; $25,000-$27,499 = $1,925; $27,500-$29,999 = $2,100; $30,000-$32,499 = $2,275; $32,500-$34,999 = $2,450; $35,000-$37,499 = $2,625; $37,500-$39,999 = $2,800; $40,000-$42,499 = $2,975; $42,500-$44,999 = $3,150; $45,000-$47,499 = $3,325; $47,500-$49,999 = $3,500; $50,000+ = $3,500

Balance due in cash, certified funds or credit card (w/ 3%). Balance can be paid after auction, or by the Tuesday following the auction by 5pm. Vehicle is not released until paid in full. * On non vehicle items, i.e., push mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, etc., selling under $499, the Buyers Premium is 10% of high bid price. On any purchase there is a $200 minimum deposit. If the sum of the purchase price and the Buyers premium is less than $200, the item is payable with cash in full at the time of purchase. Please visit our auto auction PDF downloads at the top of this FAQ page for more information.

What do the title descriptions mean in the catalog?

Delay- The title is not yet in our possession
Taped- There is a piece of tape on the title
Hole- There is a hole in the title.

What happens to the vehicles that don’t sell?

The cars that do not sell go back to their owners. Sometimes the owners decide to run them through another auction, sometimes not.

Fine Art Auction Questions

What do the abbreviations stand for in your painting catalog descriptions (SLR, O/C, etc.)?

Glossary of painting terms

Est.Estimated value
Framed SizeSize of entirety, including the frame.
OALOverall Length
Mediums and surfaces
O/C/BOil on canvas-board
A/BAcrylic on board
O/BOil on board
O/POil on paper
A/PAcrylic on paper
A/C/BAcrylic on canvas-board
SLCSigned lower center
SLRSigned lower right
SURSigned upper right
SULSigned upper left